Wednesday, September 29, 2010

seven months.

yes, it has been a ridiculous amount of time since i have posted on this blog. what have i been doing that justified this? nothing, you're right. i believe i left off right before signing up for classes in the second cycle of the spring semester. since then i have also attended summer classes and am now enrolled in five normal, full semester classes at the manassas campus. as it looks now i will probably be attending classes here through next summer, but that doesn't mean that i am not trying to go back to hburg in january.

but school sucks, so i will move on. probably the biggest development is that sarah and i got caught smoking and i have a court date on october seventh. i have not smoked weed for four weeks and two days, but it stopped being incredibly difficult after the first two weeks. this time not smoking will give me a chance to save money for many things, including a new bong because the old one broke. a sad thing, but i really used it to death, it was well worth the money i payed for it.

but of course to save money i will have to get a job. and i will also have to pay for court fees and asap classes. fml. but all things in good time. right now im just doing homework and shitting around. and my mom just got fios, so i can watch movies without commercials all day.

too many things have happened to describe the recent past events well, but i am on the cusp of becoming a pokemon master. i only need like eleven more pokemon on pokemon blue until i catch em all, which will be very exciting. wish me luck, and also the mental strength with which to continue posting in this lovely blog.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

omg my bad.

o hai blog. sorry that i haven't posted on you in like forever. really had the intent to make this blog a daily thing, but i am, above all, inconsistent.

first off, credit goes to you miranda for reminding/encouraging me to write here. you're really cool. :D

alright, since i've been gone i went to south carolina for my friend ray diaz's graduation from marine corp. bootcamp. i drove down with sarah and jorge and we stayed with clark and pat. it was a lot of fun and pcking up ray was an exciting event. i respect him a lot for spending three whole months in bootcamp, if only because i know that i couldn't last that long. i thought it was pretty funny that he got a wisdom tooth out around the same time i got mine out, except he had to go back to training the next day. lol, i slept for three days straight.

we could only spend a certain amount of time on the base at parris island (which is surprisingly scenic), so we ended up chilling in the hotel rooms we rented for a fair amount of time. we had a good time even though a few of us were irritated with clark. pat and i thought that it was very funny that the hotel room came with a titty porn channel which we watched for a solid 20 minutes, and we ended up snorting vicadin and smoking pot and cigarettes in the room most of the day.

i feel like when you are more or less 'forced' to chill with people (the circumstances surrounding your activities provide for unoccupied time with others) you end up bonding substantially more than if you randomly decided to chill. i really appreciate the people i spent time with a lot more than when i left.

also, i had a house party on a friday night when my mother left. i am proud to say that it was quite the banger with more than 30 people showing up and a delicious jug of jungle juice. this makes my second house party, which is not easy to say. i feel like on the conventional cool scale, the amount of parties that one has had earns mad street cred.

which brings us up to date on my life, woohoo! i got a bong recently- well, i split it with sarah, but since ray is home she's not smoking too much, so i have had it to myself. its really quite a treat. it has a pink rim with a little squid inside. i really like it, and most of the people who have smoked out of it agree.

i've been thinking about my goals in life recently and realize that i have very few. i try to imagine society's stereotypical goals, but all of them seem so uninteresting to me. i wish i had something in my life that inspired me enough to shape my future around. however, my lack of serious, long term goals has made me realize that i have several smaller goals, such as refining my music taste, eating healthier, start growing bud, getting in shape etc. i haven't decided when i will begin actively pursuing these goals, but at least i have something to look forward to.

wish me luck when i try to sign up for nova classes the day before they start! see you tomorrow.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

realy quick post.

i was unpacking my shit and i came across a note i found in an empty office during my internship at the brady campaign. it's a really touching letter to someone's adopted baby on their first birthday i think. i just found it sweet.

it is your first birthday already. how you have grown, changed, and continue to be the joy of our lives. each of these 365 days has been literal proof of how love compunds itself. you are special in this world and god has blessed us immeasurably.
you came home from the hospital bright eyed and so very precious. your father and i have watched you learn night from day (trust me that was tough), watched your umbilical cord fall off, learned you are allergic to soy- [scribbled out]
the day you took off all by yourself stepping without holding on was a triumphant one! you didn't know you were doing it- it came easily. you have been so healthy and strong.
everyone who sees you comments on how beautiful you are and how friendly you are. you are constantly reaching out to people saying 'hi.'
little one, if you read and know nothing else in this beautiful life of ours, know that you are loved like nobody else; by your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends. i love you and your dad loves you. be confident in that. know also that your birthparents love you and we are in touch.
the world is waiting for your goodness. you are my special angel. you are my langston.

yes, his name is really langston. i didn't know anyone had been named that for a century.

day two.

wow, i almost forgot to post today! good thing i'm both a genius and have copious time to remember things.

today was pretty boring. i slept for quite a while, then my sister and i dug our air conditioning unit out of the snow. while doing so, i discovered that if you throw snow in the top, it spews everywhere for massive lulz. afterwords i spent more than an hour digging my car out of the snow, only to drive it forward a foot and have it get stuck again, at which point i gave up.

i watched the opening ceremony of the vancouver olympics, which was cute. it had some pretty stupid stuff in it though, including one portion dedicated 'to canada's vast grasslands.' it was worse than you think. later on sarah came over and we went over to her house for pizza, soup, and animaniacs.

which brings me to my dilemma of the day: should i keep up my vegetarianism, and if so how? i feel really good (physically, not morally) when i have a vegetarian diet, but now that i'm living at home it's a lot harder to not eat meat. most of the meals my family eats are mainly composed of meat, and there are next to no good vegetarian options at fast food places. i'll consider myself on a break until i make a decision.

Friday, February 12, 2010

first post!

as of tuesday i am a college dropout, so i am now looking for new ways to waste my time. i always thought writing down my thoughts was a good idea, and now i have a chance to do so. holla.

while i was unpacking all of my clothes and putting them back into my dresser, i started wondering why i had clothes that weren't gray. i don't dislike colors, but i am much more of a monochrome person. so as i unpacked i took all of my colored clothes (except blue jeans) and put them away in my closet. this will now enable me to wear exclusively black, white, and gray. i am very excited to see who will notice my color scheme change first!

over the next few days, i should also make a list of goals for myself to accomplish before march 15 when the next nova cycle starts. i don't have too many things i'm trying to do, but if i have a month of sitting around i should have tangible things to show for it.

i know this was a short little entry, but if i make an effort to post everyday i'll feel really good about myself. beginning of a good thing?